Our Products


The first iDate community – Quechup.com™ (pronounced Ketchup) is an online dating and matching service. It is already one of the fastest growing sites in the UK and is rapidly attracting members around the world. As we move into new markets and add new languages and features, we will launch targeted web sites aimed at new audiences. These will be made available via different domain names, details of all new sites, together with links and descriptions will appear on this website.

From its inception, the company has endorsed the philosophy of a ‘consumer-led’ strategy, with free full-access membership during beta testing and initial launch phase. The real-life market testing better enabled us to create the online dating service that satisfies our target market. Apart from staying in regular contact with members via match notifications and alerts, iDate also encourages members to actively give feedback and suggestions on new features they would like to see on the site, helping us to further improve our service, and move forward with our client base.

Furthermore, iDate intends to introduce a comprehensive referral and reward program to actively encourage members to promote the site. We believe that this will be part of a cost effective and result based marketing strategy.