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Management Team

Directors and Company Officers

Mark Finch, President and Chief Executive Officer

Having much experience with ‘startups’, Mark Finch has successfully launched Internet based projects in the United Kingdom, USA and Spain. Before forming iDate in 2003, he was co-founder and Director of an International Internet agency whose clients included Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and the Regional Government of Madrid from 1998 to 2001. Most recently, Mark was one of the ‘first to market’ in the “txt-to-win” phenomenon of mobile competitions in the UK, fusing SMS technology with traditional media. He has a broad business background with particular expertise in sales, marketing and people management.

Glen Finch, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Glen Finch brings specific experience in Internet design, online branding and web applications that date back to the inception of the Internet boom. After beginning his career in the Internet industry in 1997 in San Francisco he moved to Europe in 1998 to work in the UK and later throughout Western Europe. During this time he has worked on and managed projects for notable clients, such as, Unicaja Bank – Spain, High Diamond Council – Belgium, Waltham Watches – Switzerland and Apollo Hosting – USA. Glen holds a post-graduate from Keele University, England, in Further and Higher Education, 1996, and a BA in Politics and Economics from Lancaster University, England, 1995.

Chris Morley, Chief Communications Officer

Chris Morley has worked in mobile communications since 1991, with experience in senior positions in ‘new technologies’ and ‘business development’ within the largest companies in the industry both in the UK and Australia. Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to iDate placing us at the leading edge of mobile technologies and allowing iDate to offer services far ahead of those of our competitors in respect to mobile communications. Chris’s understanding of emerging technologies, such as 3G, and the developments and capabilities within the major network providers give us a unique insight into ‘looking forward’ and to how iDate can capitalize from these. Chris’s dedication to customer service and leading edge technological development make him a key figure within our management team.

Audrey Ragg, Chief Financial Officer

Audrey Ragg worked in the Finance Department of the Guinness Brewery from 1970 until 1992. For the first ten years she was involved in all aspects of Financial Accounting including budgets and foreign currency accounting for a European subsidiary company. She then transferred to Management Accounting where she liaised with senior management in the preparation and control of budgets and in the preparation of variance statements. She eventually became Marketing Analyst and was in charge of a team developing a new computer system to control a marketing budget of some £40 million ($75 million).


Paul Sugden PhD – Project Development Manager

Paul Sugden studied applied programming languages, including a prize-winning project in C programming language for Texas Instruments, whilst reading Electrical & Electronic Engineering at University of Bristol, United Kingdom. After graduating in 2000 with First Class Honors, he went on to achieve a PhD “examining the higher order structure of sound” in 2003, including extensive programming in C/C++ and Java. Since completing his PhD, Paul has worked as an IT support analyst and Internet Consultant specializing in PHP, database modeling and Java.

Mathew Graham PhD – Project Development Manager

Graham gained a First Class Masters degree in Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, receiving one of the highest marks for the year for his C++ program to model the “kinematics of and emission from the nuclei of Active Galaxies”. He went on to obtain a PhD from the University of Manchester in Astronomy for “A Study of Diverse Stellar Outflows” in 2003. Mathew has taught undergraduate courses in C, C++, and UNIX programming. He is a keen programming enthusiast, creating numerous web and Windows applications using C++, Java and PHP.

Justin Small – Marketing Manager

Justin Small brings to the project invaluable experience in running large-scale Internet marketing campaigns, specializing in managing cost-per-click campaigns. Previously Justin worked for British Telecom for 5 years and designed and implemented one of europe’s biggest B2B e-business workflow solutions, with a turnover of £20 million a year in 2001 between British Telecom and Lloyds Bank. Justin is responsible for driving high levels of visitors to the website to create a fast-growing membership base. Currently involved with Place1 Limited in the United Kingdom, Justin is looking forward to a full-time future with iDate.