Corporate Information

About iDate

Drawing on a wealth of experience from the Internet, networking, marketing, and mobile communication sectors, iDate Corporation is rapidly gaining market share in the fastest growing sector of the Internet – the online dating and online community industry.

iDate works closely with Vodafone™ (the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world) and its partners, and maintains strong strategic alliances to provide state-of-the-art member interaction through short messaging system (SMS) and multi-media messages (MMS) mobile phone technologies, as well as via the Internet. iDate is a pioneer in successfully integrating mobile phone and Internet communications to provide a richer user experience and greater satisfaction for members.

In addition, iDate has developed, and continues to develop, proprietary software to remain at the forefront of the online dating industry. These achievements include: adding video and sound clips, one-to-one chat/messaging, distance calculation between members, customizable color schemes for members, voice mailboxes, members’ e-mail system and online photo cropping and resizing tools.

By creating a truly integrated online-mobile dating services iDate are removing the boundaries that have constrained it to a solitary activity that has traditionally been carried out in front of a PC. Creating more than just dating websites, iDate is creating fully interactive social communities.